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"Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms" Blog Tour Post

Please see my previous post for the blog tour schedule. Comment here or at one of the other posts to be entered to win a copy of this gorgeous book! (Also a buy link, because we are subtle that way).

So, my story in this lovely hot book, "Toads, Diamonds and the Occasional Pearl" is not based on what you would call a particularly titillating fairy tale. I should say that I love fairy tales, especially the ones where the female characters get to have a lot of agency. But "Toads and Diamonds" is not, in its original form,  one of them. There are two sisters, one fairy, a good deed, a rude word, a perceived blessing, a curse, and the tale is done. The good sister is beautiful--and is forced to spit out gem stones with every kindly word (ouch). The bad sister is ugly (natch) and creates a new ecosystem of toads and sundry such beasties whenever she speaks harshly. Which is often.

I wanted to make something new from this odd morality tale warning girls to always speak nicely to others, and make it something else. The two sisters become one princess and her blessing/affliction becomes...something different. And this time around, she gets a companion who sees more to her than serving as a living treasure chest or cursed harridan.

Here's an excerpt from my story "Toads, Diamonds and the Occasional Pearl"
(From shortly before things start to get a tad more steamy):
All the stories begin the same way: three princes go on a quest. Maybe they’re rivals for a throne. Or a princess. But whatever the goal, the youngest one always wins. Unless it’s the eldest. They never have sisters. Or if they do, they’re left safely at home.
            When I told my father, the King, that I wanted to go on a quest like my two brothers, he laughed. He made my request a joke, as if he had not known that I practiced all that my brothers learned from the armsmaster since we were small. Perhaps I had kept that secret too well.
            The whole Court buzzed with the news, except for my younger brother, Fenar. He longed for the peace of the library and the quiet of the monastery. And that was where I parted from him when we left our father’s castle, taking his sword, his horse and his name with his blessing.
            Our father had forbidden me all three and I intended to prove him wrong. I could win the throne, if not the princess. Princess Eliann was lovely to look at, but she’d never glanced at me. Not since I kissed her once when I was on a visit to her mother’s court and found myself barred from it until I “could learn to behave like a princess.”
            I sighed. When I saw Eliann next, we were both of marriageable age and things had changed. She was proud and cruel, no longer willing to meet my eyes, not even when I made my brothers stop teasing her. In any case, Eliann would never accept being consort to the Princess Shalene when she could be Queen to my eldest brother, Greir, so my wishes were of little significance.
            That was, of course, if Greir chose to claim her hand along with the throne when he returned. I thought it unlikely. Eliann’s...affliction had put off braver men than he. Few would choose to be married to a princess who spat out diamonds or toads with every sentence. Mother had said that true love would break the fairy curse, but I had my doubts.
            I shrugged off my thoughts, which made my horse snort at me and toss his head, eager to run. I felt the same way. Once I had seen other lands, I promised myself that I would find a princess and a throne of my own and never return here, just as my great aunt had done. The day turned brighter and my road clearer at that picture. I nudged the horse forward into a loping run and I smiled to think of leaving all I knew behind me.
            I smiled less when I reached the edge of the great forest of Adin. The sun was setting and the figure on the path in front of me was in shadow, but I could still see the outline of a bow, its string stretched taut. The arrow was pointed straight at me. I pulled my horse to an abrupt halt. “I mean you no harm,” I tried to make my voice as deep as my brother’s.
            The arrow stayed right where it was. “How do I know that?” It was odd, the quaver in that voice, almost like someone trying to sound older and larger than they were. I wondered if there were others on the road who traveled in disguise tonight. Did my brother’s light armor make me so very terrifying?
            Not that the arrow would make me less dead, terrifying or not. Something moved in the shadows at the figure’s feet, but it was too small to be threatening. I hoped. I tried again, “I seek only to pass. Will you let me by?”
            “Give me your horse.” This time, I could hear the desperation in that voice. That, and something more. Something familiar. I wondered how well they could shoot, this person in shadow who wanted to steal my horse. I wondered what I would do if they succeeded. I pictured my return to my father’s court, my quest at an end, and me the utter failure they thought me already. A boiling rage filled me then. Kicking the horse forward into a full gallop while I drew my sword was a matter of pure impulse.

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June 26th: A.D.R. Forte-“Warrior’s Choice”

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Blog tour post schedule (and giveaway!) for "Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms"

Welcome to Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms, edited by Sacchi Green. Cleis Press, 2017.
I do love this cover!
Here's the blog tour schedule. Comment on my post on the 23rd or any of the others to be entered to win a copy of this lovely anthology!


Anyone who comments on any of these blog posts will be entered in a drawing for a paperback copy (in North America) or an ebook (elsewhere) of Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms. Each blog you comment on gives you one more entry.

Here’s the lineup of blog posts—the links may be adjusted as we go along, so check back here every now and then.

June 14th: Sacchi Green-“Trollwise” (plus the Introduction)

June 15th: Cara Patterson-“Steel”

June 16th: Michael M. Jones-“The Miller’s Daughter”

June 19th: H.N. Janzen-“The Prize of the Willow”

June 20th: Annabeth Leong-“The Mark and the Caul”

June 21st: Brey Willows-“Penthouse 31”

June 22nd: Salome Wilde-“The Princess’s Princess”

June 23nd: Emily L. Byrne-“Toads, Diamonds and the Occasional Pearl”

June 26th: A.D.R. Forte-“Warrior’s Choice”

June 27th: M. Birds-“Woodwitch”

June 28th: Madeleine Shade-“Robber Girl”

June 29th: Lea Daley-“The Sorceress of  Solisterre”

June 30th: Allison Wonderland-“SWF Seeks FGM”

Praise for "An Incident in Whitechapel!"

I got a really nice ego boost today - acclaimed author Lisabet Sarai posted a post a list of her Top 10 erotica stories on Erotica Readers and Writers and she included my story, "An Incident in Whitechapel." I'm so very pleased! "Incident" is about a butch/living as a man knife-grinder in Victorian London and her/their hunt for Jack the Ripper and obsession and hot sex and knife play and other fun things. It's lovely to see it holding up well!

"An Incident in Whitechapel" is collected in Knife's Edge: Kinky Lesbian Erotica. Check it out here or where other find ebooks are sold!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Witches, Princess and Women at Arms" is here at last!

It's here! I have a new story out in award-winning editor Sacchi Green's new anthology, Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms from Cleis Press! My story is called "Toads, Diamonds and the Occasional Pearl" and it's based on a fairytale about a young woman who spews diamonds and jewels every time she speaks. And her sister who puts forth something entirely different. I'll be on the blog tour for this so more info and giveaways coming soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Another nice review for KNIFE'S EDGE!

Author Lisabet Sarai says that my collection of kinky lesbian erotica is "...a finely crafted collection of lesbian fiction. Highly recommended."
*Happy dance!*

Friday, May 5, 2017

New review for KNIFE'S EDGE!

Author Annabeth Leong has nice things to say about KNIFE'S EDGE in her new review, including the following: "...a collection of stories that reaches impressive heights of kink, strikes strong emotional notes, and surprises and delights through new ways of handling favorite scenarios."
So very pleased and honored right now! 💖

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New story acceptance!

Just got word that my story "The Diary" has been accepted for Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year (AKA BLE 2018), pending publisher approval! This will mark my 3rd appearance in the series under this name, and my 8th or 9th one including other identity. Yay! Very pleased.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Guest blog up at Beyond Romance

I'm a guest today at Lisabet Sarai's blog, Beyond Romance. I'm talking about pseudonyms and my new book, KNIFE'S EDGE. Comment to be entered to win a free copy!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

KNIFE'S EDGE is here!

And it's available from the following:
Barnes & Noble
And sundry other places.
Many thanks to the folks who've already bought it! More news coming soon. :-)

Friday, April 14, 2017

KNIFE'S EDGE and the Nobilis Erotica Podcast

My new book, KNIFE'S EDGE: KINKY LESBIAN EROTICA, releases tomorrow! If you'd like a taste of what's in it, here's a reading of my story "Planet 10" on the Nobilis Erotica Podcast.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Knife's Edge" is up for preorder!

My new lesbian erotica collection, Knife's Edge: Kinky Lesbian Erotica, is up for preorder on Amazon and Smashwords. It will be released from Queen of Swords Press on all ebook platforms on April 15, 2017. You need something to distract you from Tax Day (in the U.S.). Trust me on this.
Knife's Edge includes some of my newer and older stories, many of them from collections and anthologies that are now of print. One story, "Polar Vortex," has never been published before. 

I haven't had a new collection out in a few years so I'm pretty thrilled to be up and running again. I also want to thank artist and author Terry Roy for creating a lovely cover in a short turnaround time.
Queen of Swords Press will be releasing another collection of my later on this year so please stay tuned (there's a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for on the site). After that, well, there's a novel in edits. And enough stories for another collection so lots more reading and writing fun on the horizon!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"Knife's Edge" ARCs are available for reviewers

Coming soon: "Knife's Edge" from author Emily L. Byrne and Queen of Swords Press! Fabulous artwork is by artist Terry Roy.
So very excited about this! Click here to read the TOC and an excerpt.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Guest post from Author Lisabet Sarai - "Divided We Fall" (Proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood)

A note from Lisabet Sarai: This book includes racial slurs that might not be considered acceptable by some readers.  Using these terms was deliberate, and necessary, since they are symptoms of the inter-group prejudice and suspicion that provide the main conflict in this story.

New Release!
Divided We Fall
By Lisabet Sarai

All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood!

Multiracial erotic romance (X rated)
7500 words
Smashwords and Amazon KDP


Linh’s three year old brother has wandered out of Viet Village into Niggertown. Despite the danger, she has no choice but to go looking for him in hostile territory. She manages to convince the rifle-toting guard at the entrance to the black ghetto to help her search, using a mixture of bribery and bravado. As they comb the desolate streets of Niggertown, seeking any trace of Duy, Linh discovers that the barrio’s inhabitants aren’t necessarily the violent, drug-addled brutes she’s been taught to hate, and by the time Linh and Steel have rescued the injured toddler and spent a long night hiding in a derelict building, she has come to understand who are their real enemies.


Buy Links

X-Rated Excerpt

It feels natural to move from eating to kissing. Giggling like kids, we lick the jerky grease from each other’s lips. His are full and plump, softer than Hai’s, but his stubble scratches my cheeks in a way no Viet man’s ever would. I seal his mouth with mine, tasting the sweet-tart remnants of his tomatoes. He threads his fingers through my hair, tugging at the roots while he consumes me. Each strand is a fuse, lighting firecrackers in my pussy.

I open to his probing tongue and give him control, at least for a while. Steel plunges deeper, thrusting hard, fucking me already though we’re still dressed. The thought arouses me so much I take back the initiative. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I use my weight to push him back onto the piled bedding. My lips slide away from his. I lap at his prickly chin, nibble along his jawline, plant tiny kisses at the pulse point of his throat. Gradually I work my way down his hairless, sticky chest, tasting tomato juice and sweat. When I run my tongue along the scar, he groans and grabs my ass, arching up to grind his swollen bulk against my clit. That makes me moan, at least until he flips me over and silences me with more kisses.

Hands in the darkness—my hands, his hands—fumble with zippers, claw at waistbands, shred the fabric we can’t push out of the way.  Finally, there’s skin and heat and hardness, his cock an apt fit to his name, sliding into my liquid center. He moves like a vast wave, surging, cresting, breaking inside me, then gathering power once again. I rock on the swell of his relentless, delicious rhythm. Sometimes I drift, letting the pleasure sweep me out to sea. Sometimes I fight, gasping for breath, drowning in raw sensation.

About Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romancenearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genreparanormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (, along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’s also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter.

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Book Announcement - "Knife's Edge" is coming soon!

I have a new book coming out soon. It's in edits and the cover is being created so I expect that I will be able to get it out in the world by late March. The title is Knife's Edge: Kinky Lesbian Erotica and it will include 12 stories about spanking and surrender and restraints and all kinds of other fun things.  What else in it? Pirates and aliens and cowgirls and the hottest meter maid you'll ever run across. Plus, the occasional vampire and some lively reminiscences about the girl's hockey team.

And there will be a followup volume of my vanilla stories coming up after that. These will both be released by my new publishing venture, Queen of Swords Press (website still being finalized). You can read more about Queen of Swords here, as well as about Other Me's new short story collection Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories.

So what's in Knife's Edge? Some of my previously published work, as well as some new work and some work that's never been collected before.
Here's the Table of Contents and a short excerpt:
Reunion at St. Mary’s
On the Spanish Main
The Hands of a Princess   
El Tigre
Polar Vortex
An Incident in Whitechapel
Planet 10   
Cowgirls and Science
D is for Denial   
Wage Slave
Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

Except from "Reunion at St. Mary's" -

             Bridget Marie Riordan O’Halloran was depressed. It wasn’t so much that work was insanely stressful, though that was part of it. Or that Vic and all her friends seemed to have forgotten her birthday, though that didn’t help. It was the clipping from the parish newspaper, sent courtesy of her mother, that put her over the edge. Sister Agnes Mercy Byrnes had been taken up to Heaven, or so it said.
From what Bridget remembered of her, she was more likely to be torturing the Devil below than hovering on a cloud above but where she was didn’t matter so much as the fact that she was gone. It was the passing of an era. Sister Agnes had been the terror, among other things, of Bridget’s high school years. It was hard to forget the hours she spent over the years masturbating over her memories of the spanking the nun had once given her in the principal’s office. Imagining those firm hands on her young flesh gave her a thrill even now. She pictured Sister Agnes going even further and pulling down her white virginal panties and…Vic walked in a moment later to find her with her hand between her legs.
         “Hi sweetie. Ooh, that looks like fun. What triggered this?” Vic grabbed the little clipping as Bridget jerked her hand out of her pants. Vic gave her a look of pure disbelief. “You’re jilling off to Sister Agnes’ obituary?”
         Bridget turned bright red and tried to come up with a good explanation. Then she gave up and went on the attack instead. “You forgot my birthday! Some girlfriend you are.” She crossed her arms over her chest to hide the nipples poking through her shirt. Sister Agnes’ hands had been pretty amazing in that last fantasy.
          “I knew you were going to say that,” Vic grinned triumphantly as she dropped onto the couch. She ran one hand down Bridget’s thigh with a possessive pressure that never failed to make her pay attention. “I’ve got a little surprise for you, babe. Kind of appropriate too, given your new ghoulish hobby. We’re going to your tenth high school reunion. My treat.”
         Bridget’s jaw dropped. No way. Sister Julia and Father Williams would run them out of Sacred Heart parish at the head of a torch-wielding mob. Vic just didn’t understand how things worked at parochial school. But before she could say a word, Vic had her in a liplock that soon turned to other things. Once Vic was holding Bridget down and pounding her fist into her wet and desperate pussy, going home for the reunion sounded just fine. Besides, it was two months away; she had plenty of time to change Vic’s mind.
          But somehow, they never got around to talking about it. Every time she tried, Vic was too busy or was all over her so she gave up, resigning herself to the trip from hell. It would be even worse if they ended up staying with her parents. She just hoped her mother wouldn’t say the rosary over them when she thought they were sleeping again.
         Despite all her worries, she did start to wonder if some of her old friends would be there. Monica came out after graduation. That was inevitable. If James Dean was ever reincarnated as a Catholic high school girl, Monica was it. Then there was Mary Eileen. She’d never forget that one sleepover party where they all decided to practice kissing. From what she could remember, Mary Eileen wanted to practice a few other things too, but they’d all been too scared to try them. As for the rest of the girls who ran around with them, well if Bridget knew her budding Dykes on Bikes chapter, they were it by now.
         By the time they got ready to leave town, Bridget was pretty much resigned to the trip. It made it easier that Vic was so very obviously up to something. That was usually a good thing. Bridget even resisted taking a peek in the toy bag when she loaded it in the car. No point in spoiling the surprise, whatever it was. At least they were staying at a hotel and not her parent’s, so no matter what, there was a bright side.
         Vic wasn’t letting anything slip, though. She was too tired for sex in the hotel they stopped at halfway there, which was weird, and she wasn’t talking much during the drive, which was weirder. Bridget was getting antsy and it brought out the pushy bottom in her. She wheedled, she whined, she sulked; anything to get Vic to do something with or to her. Anything at all. She squirmed against the fabric of the car seat imagining a few of those things.  But for the first time in years, Vic wasn’t going for it. She smiled when Bridget pouted and stonewalled when she whined until her girlfriend thought she’d go nuts before they got there. 

End of Excerpt