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#Prideorgs - Celebrating and Supporting LGBTQ+ Organizations Part 2

See yesterday's post for the first part of the list. As noted there, I picked three LGBTQ organizations a day to plug; it's not an exhaustive list by any means, but I tried for a broad range of topics and for organizations that are less high profile and/or which are doing good work for folks who are otherwise not in the spotlight. Hope that this proves useful!

  • #prideorgs #24 SAGE @sageusa - national organization providing support and advocacy for LGBTQ elders -
  •  #prideorgs #25 National Center on LGBT Aging @lgbtagingcntr - technical assistance and training for caregivers, etc. 
  •  #prideorgs #26 Zami Nobla @ZAMINOBLA support and programs for black lesbians and queer women on aging -
Living with Disabilities
  • #prideorgs #27 Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf - Advocacy, support, biennial conference -
  •  #prideorgs #28 Blind LGBT Pride @blindprideintl - Advocacy, networking, support, conference - 
  • #prideorgs #29 Disability Visibility Project @DisVisibility - oral histories, social media campaigns, #CripTheVote - 
Suicide Counseling and Prevention
  • #prideorgs #30 The Trevor Project @TrevorProject - crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth
  •  #prideorgs #31 Trans Lifeline @Translifeline - support hotline for trans folks - 
  •  #prideorgs #32 GLBT National Helpline @glbtNatlHelpCtr: coming out, family counseling, local resource referral, etc. 
Writing While Queer
Native American Two Spirit and LGBTQ+
  • #Prideorgs #36 NativeOut @nativeout - resources for and about Native American Two Spirit people -
  •  #prideorgs #37 Dancing to the Eagle Spirit Society - Canada, healing/empowerment of Two Spirit aboriginal people - 
  •  #prideorgs #38 Transformative Media Project @tmorganizers - media organizing projects, incl. Two Spirit and LGBTQ -
Religion and Humanism
  • #prideorgs #42 Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity @TheMASGD - support and networking -
  •   #prideorgs #43 Institute for Welcoming Resources @ShowerofStoles - welcoming Christian and Jewish congregations - 
  •    #prideorgs #44 LGBTQ Humanist Alliance @LGBTQHumanists - resources/community for LGBTQ+ humanists and allies - 
Some Regional Organizations that Could Really Use a Hand
  •     #prideorgs #45 Equality Mississippi @EqualityMiss - advocacy and support -
  •    #prideorgs #46 Equality North Carolina @equalitync - lobbying, advocacy and support -
  •   #prideorgs #47 Tennessee Equality Project @tnequality - education and legal and political - advocacy
Finishing out the list with theaters, because I love live theater and everybody should get to see themselves on stage:

#Prideorgs - Celebrating and Supporting LGBTQ+ Organizations - Part 1

I'd been thinking about this project for Pride Month anyway, but Orlando made it feel a lot more necessary. As a rule, most nonprofit and/or advocacy organizations that focus on LGBTQ+ people are generally underfunded and understaffed. They don't have the resources to deal with huge demands, like the aftermath of a massacre or fighting the continuing onslaught of bathroom bills or equivalent disasters. They operate on a shoestring to support everything from suicide counseling to coming out to refugee assistance to legal aid to training the next generation of LGBTQ folks to be elected to public office. My hope is that people will donate where they can, volunteer and otherwise support these groups and others like them. I started this on June 14th and will be wrapping up on June 30th, but I thought I'd start compiling the list out here. I've been boosting 3 organizations a day which provide some sort of support to LGBTQ+ folks. Each three are more or less thematically linked, at last in my head. If you follow me on Twitter (@clundoff), you can follow along daily on the #prideorgs, but you can also see the list on a browser without logging in. It is U.S.-focused but there are some Canadian and international organizations included as well. Most site have additional resources and links to other groups.

Onsite assistance to Orlando shooting victims, their loved ones and their communities.

LGBTQ Legal Assistance (National)
Grants and Community Funding

LGBTQ Archives and Libraries

Political Advocacy
Bisexual and Trans Organizing and Advocacy
Queer Youth Homelessness Queer People of Color