Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pseudonyms and authors

This is my first experience with using a pseudonym so I'm still learning the ropes. I read Heather Black's post on the subject with interest - and will be looking around at how and why other authors choose "Other Mes." I'm adopting an open pseudonym because I need to separate out my more erotic writing from my nonerotic fantasy, nonfiction and SF writing. When I started publishing, there was no Google and there was much less spillover into my day job. That's no longer true and I 'd like a bit more distance between Day Job Me and Racier Content Me. At the sane time, I'm happy to own my alter ego and hope that the readers who read and enjoyed my award-winning erotica collections "Crave" and "Night's Kiss" will check out the new work I'm writing under this name. Currently, I have an offer on a three book lesbian erotic romance deal. The synopses have been accepted but I'm waiting on final contract terms. We'll see how that goes - fingers crossed!
Thanks got joining me on my wild new ride!

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