Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guest blogging and writing update

It's been a busy few weeks in the writing front. I've had 2 new guest blogs out as "other me," am starting some new short fiction (a story per name) and have eked out several thousand more words on the erotica SF novel in progress. The end is in sight! At least for this version. Then, it's on to revisions. Probably after Arisia, where I'll be this coming weekend.
More updates soon!
Guest blog links:
SF Signal - "LGBT SFF in the 1970s" http://tinyurl.com/kenxpgz
K. T. Grant's 2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event - "Amazons: Warrior Women innFavt and Fiction"  http://kbgbabbles.com/2014/01/2014-lfae-catherine-lundoff-113.html#comment-22598

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