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Guest Blog Post: Nobilis Reed on "The Monster Whisperer"

My guest today is author, editor and podcaster Nobilis Reed, here to talk about his new serial, "The Monster Whisperer."



The "Monster Whisperer" serial started off as a simple parody, but it became much more than that, and I'm excited about the directions it's going.
I've been involved with tentacle erotica for a while now. I've edited two anthologies (one of which, Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm[1] is still available) and written a number of short stories, with all sorts of premises. In some quarters I'm kind of known for it. Along the way I played around with the expectations regarding the relationship between the monster and the human in the story; some had the traditional tropes from hentai, but in other stories I explored other directions.
The Monster Whisperer series started off as a parody of a certain TV show about humans and their relationships with dogs. In this program the host often admonishes the humans to maintain a calm, assertive energy that felt to me like it had a strong parallel to the stereotypical sexual dominant. And since my mind runs in those directions, this thought carried through to what kind of pet owner would be a submissive? Someone who kept a tentacle monster, of course.
I wrote the first story ‎as a simple day-in-the life of Dale Clearwater, as she goes about her business of providing guidance to folks who keep tentacle monsters as sexual partners, often advising them to express fear and excitement to bring out the dominant nature of their creatures. I published it in my podcast, and that was kind of that.
And then the story started getting feedback. Lots of feedback. People really liked Dale, really liked the fact that she was publicly, unashamedly kinky in a galaxy that didn't always appreciate it; that she was courageous without being violent and sexually submissive without being weak. They also liked that nobody really cared that she was bisexual.
 And I had to admit, I liked her too.
So I wrote another one. At this point I wanted to make it clear that sex with a tentacle monster was not bestiality, so I started working on the psychology of the tentacle monsters. This involved deciding where it was that they came from, and how their intelligence was different from humans.
A big help in this regard was my friend Ann, who has two parrots, arguably some of the most intelligent (and obstinate) creatures humans keep as pets. Also quite useful were some theories about dolphin intelligence that I came across. In the Monster Whisperer universe, tentacle monsters are sentient creatures, but since they don't use symbols or language, it's not an intelligence that's easy for humans to communicate with or understand.
That exploration becomes a theme in the episodes that followed, as Dale stumbles upon the secret of tentacle monster intelligence, and begins to fall into a deeper rapport with them.
Since a long format story, especially a serial, needs to have multiple plot threads, I gave Dale a human ex-lover, and enthusiastic protégé. Both of these relationships have complicated sexual undertones.
And since I wanted to explore the attitudes toward tentacle monsters in the rest of the galaxy, I introduced a terrorist organization devoted to liberating tentacle monsters and returning them to their "wild" state, and a martial arts monastery where the monks refine the art of defense against tentacle monster attacks.
Life hasn't been easy for Dale Clearwater.
Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the first episode:

A calm voice sounded in the darkness of Dale's room. "Ma'am?"
There was a stirring among the blankets, but nothing more.
"Ma'am," said the voice, somewhat more stridently, "You need to wake up." A small red light appeared over the door.
"Ten minutes." Blankets muffled the words.
"I'm sorry, Dale. I'm afraid I can't do that."
Every light in the room suddenly turned on, accompanied by blaring trumpets and thundering drums. Dale sat upright in her bed. "Alright! Alright! I'm up!"
The noise stopped and the lights dimmed except for an indirect glow from the ceiling. "My apologies, ma'am, but it is my responsibility to make sure you do not break your appointments."
She groaned and tried to burrow back under the covers. "They can't wait for me to get a decent sleep? What's the rush?"
"We will be landing at New Amsterdam Four in approximately ninety minutes. Three clients have requested your services. One of them is the Governor's wife, ma'am. She has paid extra for an expedited appointment, and she can be particularly troublesome if people are not seen to be making all haste in fulfilling her demands. I thought it best to awaken you."
Dale yawned, stretched, blinked, and rubbed her eyes. "I see. Do I have time for a workout?" Dressed only in a thin nightdress, Dale felt goosebumps prick up on her skin, but she paid them no attention. She would be warming up shortly.
"I have taken the liberty of preparing the Nalcheka, ma'am. I have concluded that it would be the best choice."
The woman rolled out of bed, and began windmilling her arms and rolling her head. "Thank you, Vi. Why the Nalcheka?" she asked as she stepped out the door.
As she walked along the curving corridor, the voice followed her, coming from whatever console was closest. "While the Storazoid is in greater need of your attention, a typical session takes fifty minutes or more, and I decided to let you sleep. I have scheduled the Storazoid for your evening workout. The Nalcheka has been somewhat agitated lately, so I picked it instead."
Dale looked through the transparent panels making up the wall to her right as she passed, surveying the creatures on display. "Excellent choice, Vi." She stopped at a large, circular opening in the transparent wall, and stretched her back, arms and legs in a series of gymnastic poses. Her deep splits and graceful arabesques were performed with remarkable ease.
"Should I activate the cameras, ma'am?"
"Of course, Vi. We never know when we're going to get something exceptional."
After finishing her routine Dale touched the control plate next to the door. It rotated a quarter turn and then rose up out of the way.
Instantly, tentacles shot out of the opening, grabbed Dale around her abdomen, wrists, and ankles, and pulled her in. She shrieked as her flimsy nightdress was ripped from her body and the shreds thrown to the spongy floor beneath her.
The creature holding her was a three-meter sphere, covered with crater-pocked stony plates. From the gaps between the plates, long green tentacles emerged, each with a specialized organ at the end. Some, like the ones gripping Dale's body, split into clusters of smaller tentacles and served as hands. The ones stabilizing its body against the floor and walls were thicker, ending in heavy paddle feet. A few terminated in large eyeballs, unblinking orbs with star-shaped pupils in their livid red irises.
Dale struggled against the monster's grip, thrashing her arms and legs and shouting at the top of her lungs. Suspended in midair, however, her struggles had no impact on the beast. Its powerful limbs held her spread-eagled while three of the creature's eyes moved in to inspect her from only centimeters away. Their attention darted from landmark to landmark, focusing for one moment on her dainty, elegant face, the next on her shoulder-length black hair, then on a jiggling, chocolate-tipped breast, then on the narrow triangle of pubic hair between her thighs.
After a few minutes of wandering, one of the eyes stopped moving, staring directly into Dale's eyes, so close that she could see little else beyond its staring orb. She could just barely see the meandering of the other two eyes in her peripheral vision, focusing on the lower part of her body.
The hand-like arms coiled around her body, drawing her closer as they shifted their coils, freeing some of their length to allow the tentacle-tips to roam over her body. The ones on her arms crept toward her shoulders and then down onto her breasts, squeezing and pinching until they found her nipples, soft-peaked in the chill air. The one around her waist slid down her spine to settle between her buttocks, making its way between the warm globes toward the delicate pucker of her anus.
The tentacles wrapped around her legs shifted and rolled to bring their dexterous tips into contact with her sex. They slid in and around her cleft, stroking the delicate flesh with tender but insistent grace. Her cries, which had been full of alarm when she was first snared, shifted to gasps and moans as the numerous arms continued their varied stimulations.
She heard a grinding sound as the creature's plates shifted, and a new tentacle emerged. This one was simpler than the others, a simple cylindrical shape that tapered down to a small egg-shaped bulb. The green color gradually turned an eggplant purple toward the sphincter-pierced tip. As it stretched upward, the Nalcheka drew her body down upon it, until the end bumped up against the naked lips of Dale's pussy.
She thrashed even harder as the creature fumbled for entrance, but her struggles succeeded only in delaying the inevitable. The two manipulators focused on her pussy drew her outer lips apart, and the bulb slid inside.
For a moment, Dale froze, except for the heaving of her chest as she panted for air. The creature's tentacle-cock was deep within her, pulsing and squirming as if to find a way to push even further. She squealed again, tensing her muscles as if to force the invader out, but every time she managed to eject it the slightest bit it slid right back in as soon as she relaxed.
As she gradually quieted, exertion and ecstasy combining to drain her of every ounce of energy, the beast became even more agitated. The pulses and thrusts of its penetration took on a frantic pace, and a quivering energy ran through the entire creature. Its arms positively vibrated with tension, making its touch even more stimulating to Dale's overpowered nervous system. She cried out in ecstasy as a climax convulsed her body.
The event triggered something in the Nalcheka. It stiffened, and a deep rumble, like the sound of a distant avalanche, echoed in the chamber. Its tentacles stopped mid-grope, and the pupils of the creature's staring eyes narrowed to tiny pinpricks of black. One second passed. Two. The only sound was the gradually fading sounds of Dale's orgasm.
And then a flood of pale green goo squirted out from around its stalk, running down Dale's legs and the creature's shaft to dribble a sloppy puddle onto the floor beneath her. The flow surged, then slackened and stopped. With a snap, the tentacles retreated under the stony shell and the plates clamped shut, leaving a surface indistinguishable from any common boulder. Dale dropped into the slime and fell onto her back, splashing more of her body with the viscous substance.
She lay there for a few seconds, trembling breaths shaking her body, then sat up and squeezed the junk out of her hair. "Cut!" she said sharply.
"Video stored, Ma'am,” said Vi. "An excellent performance."
"Oh, don't flatter me," she said as she picked herself up and gingerly made her way back to the door. "I only got one of the 'positor arms to come out. The fans expect a double, at minimum." She sighed and flicked a load of goop against the wall. "Oh, well, hold onto it. We'll see what we can make of it once the appointments are handled."

You can find the entire first episode of Monster Whisperer for free on my podcast, in audio format[2]. The other episodes can be obtained by buying the podcast app from the iTunes[3] or Amazon[4] app stores. If that isn't an option for you, I've also posted ebook and audio versions on Scribl[5]. 


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