Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guest Blog Post by Author L.E. Chamberlin

Hello, everyone! I'm really honored to be here and thankful to Emily for inviting me to guest post. I'm a relatively new author, so it's great to be able to share my work with more readers.

On February 1st, Strange Flesh Press released my latest erotic novella, I Owe You One, in which young Rory has a once-in-a-lifetime shot at one night with her crush, Cari. The Kitchen Goddess, as Cari's called, is older, more sophisticated, and not at all the type of girl Rory is used to hooking up with.

Confession: characters are everything to me. I would rather read a deep conversation that lasts 200 pages than try to follow a twisty-turny plot. I love to wallow in the exchanges between people, to explore the way they start as strangers and slowly wind tendrils of understanding around one another. And I like a juxtaposition between characters, too; when people who wouldn't normally even travel in the same circles are thrown into intimate settings it makes for fascinating dynamics.

That's how it is for Rory and Cary. These two are at two very different places in their lives. Cari has a career and a Prius and a house in a gentrified area of town, and Rory is kind of an overgrown teenager living with twenty-year-old male roommates who pee on the floor. But they have real magic in their one night together.

And we've all tasted that magic, haven't we? The unexpected conversation with someone we thought we wouldn't like, the delicious encounter with a crush we knew was all wrong, the momentary coming together of two wildly different human beings that felt in the moment like some predestined perfection - if we're lucky, we've had it, so it resonates when we read it. I know it does for me.

This is my first lesbian story, and I was particularly drawn to the idea of writing lesbian erotica because there is something very singular and elemental about a woman's connection to another woman. And these two women called to me - Rory first, appearing sharp and sudden in my mind the way Rory just is, and then Cari took shape, soft and elegant and lovely, the very antithesis of Rory. What they have to give each other is unexpected, and I love that about them. There's a true generosity to their time together.

They were such a joy to write about. And I'll admit it - I have a soft spot for Rory, because she's on the cusp of life and still has so much time for exploring relationships. She has all those wonderful almost-loves ahead of her. And I like to think that if she were twenty years older, she'd be one hell of a woman.

I hope you enjoy reading about Rory and Cari's stolen evening, and I'd love to hear from you if you did.

xo L.E.

L.E. Chamberlin is a foodie and former librarian who never returns her library books on time. She has a weakness for all things British, including cream teas, Wellies, fish & chips, and the full spectrum of scrumptious accents. An aficionado of steamy romances, she wrote her first one at age thirteen and still has all eighty-six handwritten pages of it in a box under her bed.

Twitter: @AuthorLE


  1. Hello, L.E.,

    After that delightful buildup - no excerpt?!

    This story sounds delicious. I wish you great success with it. (Gorgeous cover, too!)

    1. Oh, Lisabet, thank you so much. And how could I have been so remiss? Just for that:

      She was teasing me, and I both liked it and hated it. I wanted to tug her down on the sofa and end the mystery by pulling that robe off of her, and I wanted to close it back up and touch her in chaste ways until we were both so hungry that she begged for it. I looked at the inside of her wrist holding the wine glass and longed to press my tongue to it and feel for a pulse.