Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pride Month boosting

Like a lot of folks, I'm still reeling from the horrible events in Orlando. I want to do something to help on a larger scale, so I've started a new project on Twitter to boost organizations working with LGBTQ folks in the U.S and internationally.
Details: I've started a project on Twitter that I'd been thinking about already, but which now feels a lot more urgent. Organizations that work with LGBTQ populations tend to be critically underfunded and understaffed. It shouldn't take horrible tragedies for them to get support for education, advocacy and organization they provide. So for the rest of Pride Month, I'm going to be boosting several organizations (not business at this time) a day. Hashtag is #prideorgs and my Twitter is @clundoff for those who want to boost, follow along, etc.

I hope you'll join in!

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