Monday, May 21, 2018

News! Lots of news!

My story, "Rainbow's End," an homage to hot women, queer bookstores and queer poetry, will be appearing in Year's Best Best Lesbian Erotica Vol. 3, edited by Sacchi Green (Cleis Press, December, 2018). Now up for preorder!

My story "Phone, Sex, Chocolate" appears in Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, out this week!

Medusa's Touch will be out on 5/23 but is up for preorder now! Author Anne Hagan was kind enough to host my announcement info (the novel is cyberpunk, not steampunk, just to avoid disappointment later) and you can see Sacchi Green's blurb. Medusa also got a nice shoutout on Queer Sci-Fi. :-)

In another early review, author Dayna Ingram says:
"Pilot-Captain TiCara X273 navigates more than just the stars in Emily L Byrne's sexy space opera MEDUSA'S TOUCH.

As a medusa pilot, TiCara is specially wired to command the Astra, the ship she longs to own so she can fly free from corporate interference. This latest job has just enough risk (and thus reward) to let her do exactly that. But this latest job also includes the beautiful and alluring Sherin Khan, who might prove to be as much of a distraction for TiCara in bed as she is a betrayer with an agenda of her own.

Byrne spins a tightly-paced web of melodrama aboard the Astra, with the right balance of sex and explosions to keep the pages turning. TruTell: you'll be savoring certain scenes long after you've left TiCara and Sherin's orbit."

And an early reminder: Medusa's Touch will be one of 15 books included in this year's Pride Month StoryBundle! This will kick off in early June and include titles by Melissa Scott, Alex Acks, Tenea D. Johnson and other folks and will be featuring Rainbow Railroad, a nonprofit that helps LGBTQ folks who are in danger in their home countries to get to safer ones. Stay tuned!

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