Saturday, November 15, 2014

Guest Blog Post - Author Emily Ryan on "Get Me Through the Night"

A big thanks to Emily for letting me be a guest on her blog. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to talk about my newest book, Get Me Through the Night.

I started writing this book longhand in a spiral notebook over ten years ago, and at some point I put it in a drawer and stopped writing for many years. I had this idea of a very repressed character that was only able to discover herself and her sexuality when she started experiencing the memories of someone else: her dead childhood friend. The story evolved into a ghost story, and while I may have taken an extended break from writing it, the idea never left me. About four years ago, I tracked down my old spiral notebook and began writing again (this time with a computer). I was surprised to see how the language and story I’d established so long ago was still exactly what I had in my mind.

As I was wiping the water off of my face, I looked at myself in the mirror. Before my eyes, the reflection in front of me changed to Izzy’s. I saw her dark eyes staring back at me. She looked exactly like she did in high school. I let out a gasp, but the reflection remained unchanged. I stared at her face, her round forehead, the curve of her upper lip, the mole on her left cheek, the arch in her right eyebrow that was slightly higher than her left. There was no question that I was looking at the face of my best friend. I glanced around my bathroom, and I realized I was no longer in my bathroom. This bathroom was...nicer. It had beige walls, a marble top vanity, a stone tile floor, and a container with potpourri on top of the vanity. I looked down at my own body and realized that it wasn’t mine either. The breasts were larger, and I was shorter. It was Izzy’s body that I was seeing. It took me a moment to realize that I didn’t have control of the body I was in. It was as if I’d been planted in Izzy’s body from fourteen years ago. She was washing her hands in the sink--I recognized her hands--and I could feel the warmth of the water and the slipperiness of the soap between her hands and fingers. She dried her hands on the towel hanging from the towel rack, and she gave herself a nervous smile in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.
She walked down a hallway and into a living room that I recognized as Elena’s. A younger Elena sat on the couch with her feet tucked under her, and she looked up at me with a sweet smile.
“I paused the movie for you,” Elena said.
“Oh, you didn’t have to,” Izzy responded. I could feel her mouth moving, her vocal cords vibrating, and her heart rate jump.
         Izzy sat down on the couch next to Elena. She stared at the television, and out of the corner of Izzy’s eye I could see that Elena was staring at the television too. I recognized the movie as Castaway with Tom Hanks. I remembered how I rented that movie when it first came out so Izzy and I could watch it together, but she had already seen it. Elena was holding a bowl of popcorn on her lap, and she offered it to Izzy, but Izzy didn’t want any. Elena leaned forward and put the bowl of popcorn the floor, and I felt Izzy’s heartbeat speed up. As Elena leaned back, Izzy scooted closer to her. Elena smiled slightly and rested her hand on Izzy’s thigh. The two turned and faced one another, and I saw Elena looking at Izzy with the most tenderness that I’ve ever seen in anyone’s eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach--or was it Izzy’s? I wasn’t sure anymore. Elena moved her hand from Izzy’s thigh to her neck, and pulled her toward her. I felt the softness of Elena’s lips and tongue as she pressed against Izzy’s mouth and gently parted Izzy’s lips with her tongue. Izzy returned her kiss, matching every stroke of Elena’s tongue with one of her own. I felt every stroke; every sensation. I felt an ache forming between my--Izzy’s legs, and I wanted Elena to ease that ache.
Get Me Through the Night is the first book in a trilogy of books that will feature the main character, Joss Evans, and I’m currently hard at work on the second book, Hold on to Me.
All of my books are available through major ebook retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Feel free to write me at You can find more information about me and my books at
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