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Guest Blog Post - Author Jade Winters on "Neighbour from Heaven"

Be gentle – it’s my first time!

Until recently, the only Erotica I’d ever got very excited about was Madonna’s album back in ‘92!  So to say I was not too clued up on the genre would be an understatement.  To be honest I’d not even contemplated writing erotica - until now.  

Co-written with my new collaborator, Alexis Bailey, Neighbour from Heaven is an erotic short that is a swift departure from the novels I’ve penned in the past. As many of my readers know, I’ve been writing bittersweet romance for a few years now so I guess as they say “It was only a matter of time”! 

This book is Alexis’s first time out of the writing stable. She’s been writing erotica shorts for years but up until now has never had the nerve, to show her stories to anyone. Well I was honoured she gave me the privilege because that’s how our writing partnership was brought about.

After reading Alexis’s stories I realised how liberating it was to let the characters be free and upfront about their wants and desires. For me, writing erotica, is less about the character’s heart fluttering when they encounter the woman of their dreams. It’s about their natural sexual desires being explored and not being ashamed to admit it.

I love romance, don’t get me wrong, but after my encounter with Alexis, I felt inspired to take a voyage into previously uncharted waters.  I wanted to sail out of the safe harbour I knew and into more tempestuous seas.  No longer afraid, I grabbed the new genre firmly by the hand. Fortunately, Alexis agreed to be a co-writer so I wasn’t completely alone.

Here’s the blurb:

Some people borrow a cup of sugar, others a cordless hand-drill, but what young lesbian Lucy gets from her sexy neighbour is beyond the realms of probability...and decency!
 Lucy is new to the area.  Adventurous and up for fun, she is just the girl to take “loving thy neighbour” to a steamy new level.  Enter the object of her desire – her deliciously attractive neighbour, Melody.  Fit, friendly and oozing sex appeal, Melody is every girl’s fantasy, but is she “one of the girls?” or just a flirty tease?
This is a tale to get your heart racing and change the way you view that sexy neighbour down the hallway forever. Who knows, it may inspire you to borrow more than a cup of sugar yourself.  After all, sharing is caring…
Though it’s an erotica short, that’s not to say there isn’t an element of romance in it - there is, but instead of the story focusing on the “will she, won’t she end up with the love of her life”, Neighbour from heaven is all about the immediate attraction between the two characters Lucy and her new neighbour, Melody, who has just moved into her apartment block.

Our main character is Lucy. She’s a single woman down on her luck in the romance department. When she sees Melody the sexual attraction is immediate. She isn’t thinking long-term – she’s just enjoying the natural high one gets when you fancy the pants of someone. Lucy doesn’t even know if Melody is gay so she tries to put her to the back of her mind as she makes plans to go out for the evening, hoping she’ll get lucky at the bar. When her friend lets her down, there’s only one thing for her to do – take up Melody’s offer to join her for a drink at her place and that’s when her dreams come true!

 I really enjoyed co-writing Erotica, apart from it being fun and exciting it gave me the opportunity to write a story outside my comfort zone. In my romance books, though the love scenes can sometimes be graphic they have never gone as far as this. The pace of this type of writing is completely different for me. There’s a certain urgency to the sex, a no holds bar sort of thing which is something I’ve held back from in my romance novels. As well as this, I see it as an opportunity for new readers to discover my other works. It was for this reason we decided to co-write another book together, Secrets, which will be out in January 2015.

I really hope that readers derive some pleasure from our latest offering and if they enjoy it I hope they’ll support us on our next release.


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  1. Hello, Jade,

    Congratulations on taking the plunge into erotica's steamy waters! This sounds delicious. I wish you'd included an excerpt!