Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Guest Blog - Author Fiona Zedde - Dirty Girls Need Love, Too

I am, to quote a saying, a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind. Read me Neruda love sonnets then bend me over the desk to drive home that perfect, deep feeling. That’s why I write stories that celebrate women's pleasure, whether these women are vanilla, kinky, experienced, curious, mischievous, or just enjoy long and sweet kisses on the front porch swing. I never want my romance with a closed bedroom door, and I've been lucky to find readers who feel the same way.

Along with this, though, I'm an accidental eroticist. When I started my first book, Bliss, almost ten years ago, I set out to write a lesbian romance novel. True, a romance with a woman who encounters a lot of sex along the way to her true love, but a romance nonetheless. Bliss became the story of a lesbian who discovers, through bad sex and even worse afterglow, that she isn’t in love with her boyfriend. Then she finds out, by having mind-blowing sex, that swinging from the chandeliers while wearing nipple clamps doesn’t necessarily equal love either. And much later, she finally falls into the best love of her life who also happens to enjoy chandelier-swinging AND long walks on the beach.

Nearly 10 years after writing that first book, my lust for all things lesbian and erotic hasn’t dimmed in the least. My latest novel, Desire at Dawn, delves into two of my favorite things – women who love women and vampires. In this new book, there are certainly women who have sex with other women (my fave!), but there's also the thrill of first time sex, dangerous secrets, and bad girls who sometimes do good things. This is the world of Kylie and Olivia. Women who have sex with each other, and love it.

Like Bliss Sinclair, the title character from my first book, Kylie in Desire at Dawn is a kind of wide-eyed virgin. Both are also queer Jamaican women, both experience the wrenching lows of despair as well as the heights of physical euphoria during the course of their separate journeys. The fact that Kylie sometimes drinks blood to get off is almost incidental.

         Even with all her faults that we see in their cringe-worthy glory, I love Kylie. She’s curious, she’s delicate, and she’s a child who yearns for the love of a mother she thought abandoned her when she needed the care of a parent most. Although I didn’t intent to, I found a lot of myself in Kylie. Her vulnerabilities, her intense need for connection, her curiosity about so much that is really none of her damn business. She’s a character I want to protect in so many ways, even if it’s from herself. In the course of the novel, she changes from a twisted monster girl into a young woman you want to cuddle in your lap and take home for your very own. And that’s only half the fun of Desire at Dawn.

So, come take a journey with me and Kylie. Maybe a dirty romance is just your thing.

Under the moonlight, the human was a goddess. The jewels gleaming against her throat, the silver light falling over her short black hair. Lashes long and luxurious, creating beguiling shadows on her cheeks. Her mouth was lush. Perfectly shaped. The most perfect rose in any garden. Kylie stared at Olivia’s mouth, the top and lower lips that were perfect complements to each other that she wanted so very much to feel beneath her own. But couldn’t. She was frozen.
Then Olivia kissed her. Thawed her. A light brush of mouth against mouth that left Kylie trembling even more. Her hands jerked up to grasp Olivia’s arms, the beast taking its due, to clutch and drag her abruptly closer. Warmth to coolness. The human’s divine breasts against hers. Olivia’s fragile breath in her chest, the beating heart that thumped wildly. Kylie wanted it all. Totally. Completely.
She opened her mouth and accepted, no demanded more of the kiss, going by instinct and from the bits and pieces of what she’d seen of kissing, of intimate touching. She shuddered as she received what she’d wanted for so long. Olivia’s touch. Her greedy acceptance of it.
Kylie got to her knees on the blanket and pulled Olivia closer. The human came to her with a joyous cry, her body exhaling its delicious feminine scent, the nectar between her legs making Kylie’s mouth water. They knelt together on the blanket, kissing while Kylie thought she would die from the feelings rocketing through her body. Olivia touched Kylie’s skin, her ass, her thighs, while her mouth devoured.
Kylie wanted to yield to the experience of the older woman, but the beast inside would not let her. She lifted Olivia abruptly into her arms, dangling her over the blanket before she dropped her onto the thick cotton and fell on her, her hips falling between Olivia’s parted thighs. She pinned the woman’s hands to the ground. Growling, she licked the small breasts, marveling at their salt taste and silken texture, ran her tongue along the scarred tissue of her left breast. Her ribs, the delicate cage that held her heart and other organs, her belly that trembled beneath Kylie’s touch. The lower Kylie went, the stronger the scent between Olivia’s legs became. Her head swam with it. Her mouth longed to taste. Her teeth flashed out and she heard Olivia gasp in fear. Or was it excitement?
Olivia’s hands tangled in her hair, urging her lower. The devil inside Kylie stopped her descent. She licked her slow way back up the woman’s stomach to tease her breasts again, licking the firm nipples, biting gently on the delicate flesh as she’d seen other women do. The human’s slender body writhed against the blanket. Her pussy slick and hot pressed to Kylie’s stomach. She instinctively moved on top of the human as she suckled the delectable breasts, pulling at the fat nipples and drawing soft cries from her open mouth. Kylie’s stomach muscles gliding over the hard button that was the source of Olivia’s pleasure.
“Touch me.” Olivia’s nails bit into her shoulder. “Please.”

Book: Desire at Dawn
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

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  1. Very sexy, Fiona!

    Good luck with the book.

    1. Thank you! I hope this blog post inspires spontaneous masturbation and sex for more than one. In addition to a book sale or two, of course.