Sunday, March 20, 2016

Win a free book and new CFS

Or at least a chance at a free book.
My esteemed editor for Best Lesbian Erotica 20th Anniversary, Sacchi Green, is doing a giveaway on Women and Words. Leave a comment for a chance to win!

Editor D. L. King will be the editor for the next volume of Best Lesbian Erotica. Her guidelines can be found here

D.L. King is also looking for stories for Unspeakably Erotic: Lesbian Kink. Guidelines are here.

Nobilis Erotica podcast is looking for erotic SF about bizarre transformations, amongst other things.

And there's a bunch of new calls on the Erotic Readers and Writer's Association website.

Me, I'm working on stuff and trying to get things out the door. More soon, I hope!

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