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Guest Blog Post - Author Rrrose Carbinela on "Romance: Mild to Wild"

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Hello, Readers!
First off, let me thank Emily for so kindly letting me step into the spotlight for a moment. I appreciate the time to let you know about what’s coming up in just a few short days.
Now for the juicy stuff! My romance/erotica collection Romance: Mild to Wild is about to be re-released under the Regal Crest banner. It follows the Regal Crest re-release of my poetry anthology, Attar: a Bouquet for You, currently available online (see Salem West's wonderful review  here).
            Let me tell you a little about my writing process. Back when I finally accepted the totality of who I am, a lesbian with a vivid imagination, I started “seeing” scenes develop in my mind’s eye, scenes of women discovering other women and enjoying each other in every possible way. “My girls,” for lack of a better name, would drift into my consciousness in the early morning hours just as I was waking up, and share snippets of their lives. So I would feverishly write down the stories, just as they came to me. And on October 31st, you can order your own copy of the results, thanks to Regal Crest.
I invite you to come with me to other places, other explore the love between women as it might have been experienced elsewhere and “elsewhen.” Taste and drink the sweet elixir of romance, imbibe and revel in the heady excitement of erotica, in this series of short stories. I must advise you, the title is truth in advertising. I do start very mildly, but by the end of the book, you should be thoroughly satisfied. My wife DK says to read the last story first, and work your way back, but I prefer the build-up!
To entice you, here is an excerpt from that last story, a pirate tale which takes place in the Caribbean in the 1700s. Pirates and wenches and sex, oh my!

She rose and led the way to her carriage, talking all the way. “I told them to prepare some cold foods for when I returned. You must be ravenous, poor Angelica. And I have a room prepared. I did not know about your duenna, however. Will you think me inhospitable if I have a cot set in your room for her? My servants’ quarters are overflowing as it is...”
“No, no, that shall be adequate,” I said, rejoicing. Jeanne would not have to sneak into my room. Lovely! She had entered Marguerite’s carriage before she could be asked to ride in mine, and I had indicated to her that she should sit beside me. My hand sought hers in the dimness, hidden by the folds of our skirts. She squeezed my fingers as she pretended to look out the window. Her thumb caressed my palm, and I hid a pleased shudder.
“Good, well, not in your bedroom exactly, but there is a dressing room, and she will be quite comfortable there, I’m certain. Oh, and we must see to your wardrobe. You must have lost everything, simply everything. No matter, I have a wonderful seamstress, we shall take your measure and make as many dresses as you like. I am so glad you are safe...”
Again, I let her words wash over me, this time leaning my head back and closing my eyes. I let my head drop onto Jeanne’s shoulder. She released my hand, and moved her arm around me so that I could rest my head on her breast. Wicked woman!
“Oh, poor dear, she has fallen asleep. I must be silent now. I would not wish to wake her.”
“Yes, she is very tired,” Jeanne’s voice rumbled beneath my ear. Silence reigned for the rest of the trip.

Well, I hope this has perked you up and made you think about reading my book!
The books are/will be available for purchase online at Regal Crest, Bella Books, Amazon, etc. Please make sure you buy the Regal Crest version -there are still a few copies of the L-Book edition floating around.  Feel free to write me at and check out my Regal Crest author page.

From the sweet first blush of blossoming romance to the wild erotic adventures of exotic women, this volume will present you with a set of fourteen varied stories about women and the women they love. Come on a quick tour of Ancient Greece, the Caribbean of the late 1700's, and Modern America to discover a world of Lesbian Love.

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